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A Kings Of Leon Slash Community

HI EVERYONE! \o/ Welcome to KOL SLASH. We hope you're gonna like the place and enjoy your time here. Hope you're gonna post too. We are very open and we want this community to be a happy and comfortable place for every fan of Kings Of Leon (and slash, yeah, let's not forget about slash). So, come on and join us!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: in this place you're gonna find incest and slash (male/male, female/female relationship) contents. If this upset you, DO NOT keep reading.
And, not less important, we are just playing here; as far as we know none of the Kings of Leon or their wife/girlfriends are actually involved in a incestuos or homosexual relationship with each other.

This is a community for all things concerning Kings of Leon, so you can post images, fanart, fanfics, any sort of graphics such as icons, banners, headers, ecc...; anything of the sort is accepted as long as it features at least one Kings of Leon member, and since we like to treat us just fine, we will like to have Nacho and the girls (Jessie Baylin, Lily Aldridge, Alisa Torres and Johanna Bennett) too. ♥
As you may understand, this is NOT just a community for incestuous fic, we accept any kind of slash as long as it contains at least one Kings of Leon member or one of the girls.

Membership is open, you can join anytime you want and you’re welcomed to simply lurk here. As you may notice, we're not particularly fussy, but we ask you to follow a few basic rules:

~ Kings of Leon related posts only.

~ Show respect to every member and to the Admins. This means no flames, no harassing one another, and so forth. We all have different opinions and ideas, so please be respectful of this, even if you don’t agree.

~ Bashing against members of the band or their respective girlfriends/wifes isn’t tolerated.

~ Don’t pimp other communities or sites without asking the Admins first.

~ Please do not post fic with illegal contents like pedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia or written in sms-language. If you're not sure about your grammar, get a beta-reader! \0/

1. When posting a fanfiction/fanart, please make sure to use this introduction or something similar:

Title: This must also be in the subject of the post.
Author: Your LJ username.
Beta: Your beta's LJ username, if you have one.
Characters: Write here who will appear in your fic.
Pairing: This is the place to specify the couple you wrote about, if there’s one.
Rating: This explain which level of maturity is the plot. Check here if you're not sure how to do that.
Word Count:
Warnings: Specify if your fic has some delicate contents. Check here for help.
Disclaimer: State that your story is fiction and that you don’t own any of the characters.
Author's Notes: Everything else you need to say. Please make it short. However, this part is optional.

Or, if you are more confortable in posting with the html tags:

It just lets people know the basics they need to know on your fiction a/o fanart before start reading it.

2. For an easy searching, the subject line of your post must follow the relative example:

Fanfic: Title of your fic
Fanmix: Title of your fanmix
Graphic: Art/Banner/Header/Icons/Wallpaper
Photo/Picspam: Subject
Request: Subject
Discussion: Subject
News: Subject

3. Furthermore, we ask you to use a Lj-cut if the post is long or image heavy:

To post a fic or simply link something, use this easy code:

4. You can add a banner under your fic's header, but please be careful not to choose a too large image. We have fixed a maximum size for that: 350x200.

5. Don't worry about the tags: we will do the work for you! ♥

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